A used Kvevri on the grounds at Castle Hill Cider

Our ciders are meant to be enjoyed with a variety of foods and on any occasion. Don’t hesitate to try them with all of your favorites.

A nose of fresh apples with a hint of peach that follows through on the palate. Bright acidity gives this a clean, refreshing finish. Blend of Winesap and Albemarle Pippin apples. Extremely crisp and refreshing, Terrestrial pairs nicely with aromatic dishes or makes a cleansing counterpoint to rich cheeses. $17 / bottle

The flagship sparkling Virginia cider of Castle Hill, aged and fermented in clay amphorae called kvevri. Allowed to rest on full lees for four months, this cider expresses layers of complexity. Full body with good minerality and hints of earthiness. 100% Albemarle Pippin. $25 / bottle

This cider has firm tannin structure that exhibit notes of earthiness, spice and citrus.This comes from a blend of Ellis Bitter and Albemarle Pippin apples. Celestial’s finish is enhanced by a touch of Winesap apples that offer a bright clean finish. Pairing this cider with dishes incorporating rosemary or lavender will pick up on its aromatic notes. $17 / bottle

Our off-dry still cider exhibits white flower and hints of vanilla on the nose and fills the pallet with red grapefruit and stone fruit.  Grimes Golden apples make this a full bodied blend.  The finish is long and bright.  ABV 7.1%  $17 / bottle